Our Process

Our First Conversation

We learn about each other. Connell asks probing questions to ensure a complete understanding of your goals for the project. We listen and learn all about your project and your goals. You learn if Connell is who you like, trust, and want to partner with.

We Collaborate

Customers always start with ideas. Often with a plan. We bring a wealth of knowledge, experience, and planning and design assets. Together we work creatively and collaboratively to establish a design that allows you to realize your vision.

Iterate the Spec Sheet

There are many items for you to decide. Everything from exterior trim, siding, windows, doors, paint colors, appliances, fixtures, and the list goes on and on. This is an important and fun task. We drive this process and help you make it happen.

Final Plan and Budget

Our collective work results in a final spec sheet, building plan, and budget. By the time we get here, there are no surprises. We have been consistently and effectively communicating along the way to help you realize your desired results.

Project Kickoff

We sit down for a final review to ensure that expectations for the project are understood. We review the plans and make sure there are no outstanding items. We confirm next steps, and agree how we will communicate going forward.

Do the Job

We deliver on your project. And we keep you fully informed all along the way. We make sure that if there are any issues or obstacles, we address them with you immediately. There are no surprises with a Connell home.

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