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From Ground Break to Hardscape

From Ground Break to Hardscape, we deliver all Excavation services for new homes and additions. We prepare the site to ensure proper storm drainage. And we do the final grading for new homes and additions. We are experienced at installing a variety of septic systems and work closely with engineering firms and local municipalities to design effective and compliant septic systems. And we can deliver all landscape solutions for your new home or addition.

All Forms of Landscaping

We own all the equipment and have highly skilled operators to level the site for pre-build and perform final grading post construction. We work effectively with engineering firms and local municipalities to establish designs that meet all local regulations. We leverage our extensive network of professionals who can deliver all forms of landscaping.

Moving the Earth for You

Moving the earth for our projects is at the core of Connell Construction’s history. From time to time, we are hired to do only excavation work or excavation and landscape work for a customer.  We consider ourselves experts, from pre-build to final grade. We understand the foundation of a structure, is the foundation of a vision that our customer hopes to achieve with their new home or addition.

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