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Thinking about updating your kitchen?  We can get you cooking.  Want a modernized bathroom?  Don’t flush that idea.  Need new siding?  We’ve got you covered.  Windows need replaced?  We can shed light on the subject for you.  Our experienced team will provide you with everything you need and want, from idea to design to completion.  We will work with you to help you discover endless possibilities to remodel your home!

These types of projects can sometimes bring complexities that require great care and attention. Certain types of work require special consideration to ensure that architectural soundness is not compromised. This may be necessary when installing new vents for modern kitchen appliances, working around existing duct work, and changes to weight bearing sections or walls. Sometimes the renovations themselves require additional reinforcement for structural integrity. We have overcome all challenges that our customer’s ideas have presented to us, and deliver work that achieves the customer’s goal while maintaining compliance and adherence to best practices. But the fun of such a project lies in the opportunity to introduce new style into your home. We bring all of the creative expertise to help you think through the options, and we have the ability to provide quality product and workmanship that suits all budgets.

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Over the last twenty years, Connell Construction has provided home renovations to many of our original custom-build customers.  We are grateful to those who trust us again.  With the ever-changing home styles, evolution of technology, and improved quality of building products, many of us enjoy opportunities to evolve our homes and our quality of life.

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