Two Story Addition

This customer had previously engaged Connell for a significant kitchen remodel. The home was a Cape that did not have any dormers. The upstairs was particularly small, and the layout was limiting. The customer wanted to increase square footage to add a bedroom, an upstairs sitting area, a larger office area, and a larger family room downstairs. This was a qualify of life investment for the customer. An investment that certainly increased the home’s value, but more importantly created the dream home where they would continue to live.

Connell designed and built a new two-story front for this home. Increased square footage for both floors was accomplished by doing a first-floor “jog out,” extending the foundation by several feet. The roof needed to be raised for the second-floor dormers. The first floor included a bank of awning windows in a dormer.

We Understand and Encourage Green Minded Building Practices While Providing all the Modern Amenities that Home Owners Desire.

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"My experience with Scott and his team has been first rate. We have a twenty year relationship as he built the custom home my wife had always wanted, has upgraded us along the way. He’s the kind of builder, and the kind of person, that you want to be a part of your building experience."
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