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The vision for this Scribner Hill neighborhood began with Connell Construction purchasing four separate pieces of land to create this fantastic community that has met the test of time. This neighborhood has seen families come, grow, and move on making room for new generations. It is a high-quality community of homes in a wooded setting. As one owner’s son said, “homes in the middle of the forest.”

Creating the lot plan was an extensive task, with engineers and surveyors creating a plan that would meet regulatory requirements while providing the best experience for the homeowners. This included road drainage, stormwater management, and underground utilities. In the early days, Scott and Mike were walking the woods to think about lots and encountered a Moose…right there on Scribner Hill! They were quiet and calm and backed away and all was good. But it scared the xxx out of them.

Connell worked with the town to install the roadways. There was much cut and fill (cutting above one side of the road and filling below) to build the base. There was one section where the cut was so deep into rocks that it required blasting. Additional rock was crushed and hauled to other parts of the job.

Now we build homes.  Being a completely wooded and hilly terrain, the timber work was performed with the attempt to preserve as much woodland as possible, in this area where the Connell family has lived for generations.

As construction continued, there were logical checkpoints of completing the roadway. The road needed to be reasonably drivable in order to get building permits and to support customer visits. And a binding coat was required to get an occupancy permit before anyone could move in.

From Idea to Occupancy, We Will Get You There, Working With You Each Step of the Way to Ensure a Beautiful Home.

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"I remember asking Scott a question that would have implied cutting a corner. He gave me a stern look and said, 'Hey no way, this is a Connell home'."
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