Suspension Bridge

A Connell Engineered Solution

This was a fun job for a repeated Connell customer who owned a property, including a small island on a small lake. The suspension bridge connected the parking area to the home and was in total disrepair.

Connell replicated the suspended cable structure by using the same width cables as on the existing bridge. They attached the cables from post to post, anchoring them on large custom-built posts on both ends. Connell used a very thick rope as the railing and finished off the treads with pressure-treated planks.  

The water was very shallow from the bank to the island.  In fact, the team had to wade into the lake to do some of the work on this really unique project.

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"Scott has now built three homes for my family over the last 25 years, and he has delivered numerous renovation projects for all of us. He is not only an talented builder, but has become a trusted friend. He cares not only about the work, but more importantly about and the people. "
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